Removal of 1,500 Mines Planted by Houthi-Saleh Militias in Meidi

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SepemberNet- On Friday,The command of the fifth military zone destroyed 1,500 landmines in Meidi, to the north-west of Hajjah province, which the militia had planted in several areas of the district.

“The engineering teams of demining work continuously in the detection of mines planted by the militia on farms and roads and in the villages and shops, which pose a threat to the security and safety of citizens after returning to their houses,” a military source in the fifth region said.

The source confirmed that the crime of planting mines was associated in Yemen with the militias of Houthi and Saleh, which wrongly thought that spreading tens of thousands of mines will hinder the progress of the National Army which proceeds every day.

The source also confirmed that those who planted the mines, which are considered to be forbidden, will not go unpunished for long or short.


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