The National Army Gathers to Bid Farewell 14 Martyrs Who Died in the Defense of the Republic

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SeptemberNet- On Sturday in the province of Marib, The head of the General Staff, Major General Mohammad Ali al-Maqdashi, attended the funeral prayer for fourteen martyrs of the soldiers of the Yemen National Army who spent their life in defense of the Republic. They were killed in Niham, to the east of the capital Sana’a.

Major General, al-Maqdashi stressed that the sacrifices of those martyrs who sacrificed their blood cheaply for the victory of the homeland have resulted in tangible progress and great victories that will be followed in the course of combat operations in the next stage.

“The martyrs have written the greatest epics and heroics in the battle to restore the remaining areas of the homeland and were known by courage and sincerity in the national battle in all locations and battles,” said Chief of Staff.

Major General al-Maqdashi vowed to win for the blood of the courageous martyrs. He pointed out that the liberation of the capital Sana’a and all the remaining lands under the control of the coup militants is an option that cannot be reversed under any circumstances.

“The defeat of the coup militia and the establishment of a secure and stable future for all Yemenis and for future generations will be the result of those great and remarkable sacrifices,” he added.

The head of the General Staff promised that the army and government leadership will give the families of the martyrs a special care worthy of what the martyrs sacrificed in the eternal battle of the Republic.


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