Yemen Famine Indicators Under the Houthi Coup

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*. 19 million, the number of citizens in need of assistance.
*. Seventy percent of the population, below the poverty line.
*. 3.3 million malnourished children and mothers.
*. 1.4 million, displaced children.
*. 8 million citizens lose income sources.
*. 2.2 million, unemployment workers.
*. 1.5 million, lose social security benefits.
*. 7 million Yemeni families facing hunger.
*. US$15 billion, Yemen losses in two years.
*. US$6.6 billion, Yemeni Private Sector losses in 2015.
*. Five Hundred percent, the rate of escalation of the prices of some commodities.
*. Seventy five percent, the expected poverty rate in Yemen in 2017.

Source: Studies Center and Economic Media (SCEM).


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