Yemen National Military Website (YNMW) SeptemberNet in Its New English Version


YEMEN NATIONAL MILITARY Website is pleased to announce the release of new news website in English Language Version, designed with a fresh new aspect updated with the latest local, regional and international news and reports.

YNMW (SeptemberNet) comes with its English Language version in the light of the latest developments in technology, electronic revolution in media and the large quantity of devices that aims at transferring truth worldwide.

In response to that, It was of great necessity to think about launching this site as a way to shed light upon the situation in Yemen, its internal conflicts, and the miserable humanitarian conditions of millions of people all over the country.

We hope you will enjoy our new site. Our goal is to give access to SeptemberNet daily visitors to know more about the members of the Yemeni Armed Forces, as well as political, social, and economic situation in Yemen, region, and the world as a whole .. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please, never hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

SeptemberNet .


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