In Taiz New Massacre By Horthi-Saleh Militias 19 wounded civilians, including children

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Nineteen civilians, including seven children, were wounded in a new massacre carried out by the militia in the town of Taiz on Monday. In response to the defeats suffered by the eastern front, the militias launched a reprisal attack on residential neighborhoods from positions stationed in the vicinity of the city.

According to a correspondent for “September Net” in Taiz, the shelling of militias with artillery and Katyusha rockets focused on the revival of the city of light and the Republican district, and other neighborhoods east and center of the city.

September Net received the names of the injured members of the Aljomhoriah neighborhood. They are: kaed Mufid 11 years, Mohamed Mufid Kaed 9 years, Ali Khaled Hassan 10 years, Omar Khaled Hassan 9 years, Hisham Abdel Momen Mohammed 10 years, Nouruddin Faris Mohsen 9 years, Mohamed Khalid Mohamed 10 years and useful Commander of the Sabri 35 years, Mohammed Walid Ibrahim 20 years and Munir Hamid Ahmed Saif 25 years and Abdul Mumen Mohammed Ahmed 55 years.

On the ground, battles continue east of Taiz, where the army has been able to control large parts of the presidential palace and the camp.

According to the media center for the leadership of the axis of Taiz, a spokesman for the axis, Colonel Mansour al-Hassani said that the National Army forces arrive at the main building of the presidential palace and is fighting to complete cleaning of the pockets of the militia, and destroy the planted mines.

The army continued its artillery bombardment of the nests of the militia at the eastern gate of the palace after the army took control of the main gate, and seized parts of it after breaking into its walls.

The army also managed to control the gate of the camp, continuing military operations in the meantime to complete control.

Militias are trying to restore positions in the Aljomhori Palace, but the National Army and Popular Resistance Forces are bravely fighting them all.


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