Aden Receives 550 tons of Cholera Drugs

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Yemen Minister of Social Affairs, Deputy Chairman of Yemen High Relief Committee, Dr. Abtahal Abdul Qader Al-Kamali, received on Thursday a convoy of aid for the campaign of combating and treating cholera in Yemen, provided by the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Affairs in coordination with the World Health Organization.

She appreciated the positions of the Arab Gulf states in support of Yemen’s legitimacy, foremost of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are to continue to provide support and humanitarian work to the Yemeni people, who suffer very mesrible conditions due to the war waged by the Houthis-Saleh militias on Aden and all Yemeni cities.

She stressed that medicines and medical supplies will be distributed to all areas of Yemen, including areas under the control of the militias.

In turn, the director of the office of the King Salman Center for Relief in Yemen, Saleh Al-Zeiban, said that, the quantities of drugs arrived at the request of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the World Health Organization to address the cholera epidemic in Yemen.

He explained that, this convoy provided assistance to the Yemeni people to fight cholera, containing 550 tons، charging in 25 trucks, containing 700 thousand packets of intravenous solutions with the necessary equipment, and 200 thousand packets of anti-drought solution, and 550 thousand doses of antibiotics dedicated to the treatment of cholera cases.

“This aid will benefit 50 thousand people in all Yemeni provinces, and will be distributed according to the plan that takes into account the prioritiesin terms of the number of injuries and the spread of the disease and population density at the level of the Yemeni provinces.” Al-Zeiban said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) representative Dr. Omar Mohammed Zain Al-Saqqaf explained that, the receipt of the first amount of medical assistance provided by the King Salman Center will be distributed at the level of the Yemeni provinces suffering from the cholera epidemic, which resulted in the death of approximately 500 people in 19 Yemeni governorates.

He confirmed that, another batch of medical assistance will be reached, and will help the health sector to provide medical services to citizens well.

Al-Saqqaf expressed his thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed in the delivery of these quantities of medicines and medical supplies to save the lives of people who are dying from this deadly epidemic.

For her part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ashraq Al-Sibai, expressed deep thanks and appreciation to King Salman Center for this quick response to the appeal made by the Ministry of Public Health, represented by Dr. Nasser Baoum by providing these quantities of medicines and medical supplies that will help health offices in the governorates to provide good medical services specifically In relation to the epidemic of cholera and water-borne diarrhea.

The meeting was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Jalal Baouda, Dr. Nasser Al-Wali, Director General of the Health Bureau in Aden, Dr. Abdulqader Bakri Director General of the General Authority for Drugs, Dr. Saleh Hashleh,- Health Officer of the Yemeni Higher Committee for Relief, and Dr. Abdulqawi Mohsen, the Secretary General of the warehouses medicines for the World Health Organization.


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