Electronic Campaign on the Third Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Leader Al-Qashibi

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SeptemberNet- An electronic campaign on the third anniversary of the martyrdom of the leader Brigadier General Hamid bin Humaid Al-Qashibi, commander of the 310th Armored Brigade.

The campaign was launched at 10 pm on Tuesday to commemorate the third anniversary of the martyrdom of Commander who was martyred on 8 July 2014 during his defense of Amran province before being shot down by the coup militia.

It carried the Hashtag on Facebook and Twitter address

#القشيبي_روح_الجمهورية، #الذكرى3_لاستشهاد_القشيبي

The campaign is organized by the Future Media Center in Amran and includes a Ramadan evening on Wednesday commemorating the martyrdom of Al-Qashibi, interspersed with a number of artistic and poetic passages.


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