Taiz: Fierce Battles on the City’s Fronts and the National Army in Beni Omar

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SeptemberNet- Battling fierce broke out on Wednesday in Taiz included several rural areas, and the city of Taiz province in the southwest, between the forces of the National Army and the coup militia.

In the battles of the rural fronts, field sources said that the National Army forces achieved qualitative progress in the area of Beni Omar.

On Tuesday, the National Army Forces in the Al-Shamaytin district, south of Taiz, achieved advances, and managed to control the East Mountain after fierce battles.

The Hifan Front, south-east of Taiz, also witnessed violent confrontations between the army and the coup militia, which were concentrated in the Akush area and the Ishmael al-Hakam mountains.

The confrontations broke out in Heifan after an attack by the coup elements. The National Army Forces managed to confront militia and forced the its elements to retreat and flee.

On the Salo front, east of Taiz, violent confrontations took place between the army and the militia in the village of Sayar, accompanied by intensive artillery shelling of the National Army Forces targeting several positions in which the militia were stationed in the area.

On the front of the city, the eastern one witnessed continued fierce battles between the national army forces and the coup militia in the vicinity of Mohammed Ali Osman School and the perimeter of the central security building.

The surrounding area of ​​the presidential palace and the military camp witnessed a cautious calm.

At the same time, Arab coalition fighters launched air raids on the positions and gatherings of the coup In the hill of the Salal, and the area of ​​the Janad, east of the city.

In the context of the western front of the city of Taiz similar battles lasted for several hours between the forces of the government and the elements of the coup.

The fighting erupted on the western front, after violent attacks that the army was able to tackle in Mount Han and the Rabiee and Hathran.

The sources said that, during the battles of the western front, the militia suffered heavy losses in the equipment, in addition to dozens of dead and wounded in their ranks.

A field Houthi commander nicknamed “Abu Nasr” was killed and five of his companions in the battles in Mount Han with the National Army.

Al-Arbaeen Street, on the northern front of the city, witnessed violent confrontations between the army and the coup militia.

The militia continued to fire artillery and rockets in residential neighborhoods in the city, leaving a number of civilian casualties.

The sources said that the indiscriminate bombardment of the eastern and western neighborhoods of the city has killed four civilians, including children.


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