In Taiz: Houthi-Saleh Militias War Machine 300 Houses Destroyed and Dozens of Civilian Casualties

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SeptemberNet- The war machine and the destruction of the militia have
spread widespread death and ruin in the neighborhoods of Taiz,
southwestern Yemen.
As the war continues in the city between the forces of the national
army and the coup militia, the rockets and missiles continue to rain
in many neighborhoods, leaving dozens of civilians dead and many
houses and infrastructure destroyed.
The buildings destroyed by the bombing of the militia is still present
in many neighborhoods of the city. The blood of the innocent victims
and their lives, including hundreds of children and women, continue to
record the worst crimes committed against unarmed civilians by the
Saleh and Houthi militias.

In addition, hundreds of internationally banned mines and explosives
were planted in several neighborhoods. They pose a threat to the lives
of dozens of civilians as well as damage to property and
The militia did not limit themselves to indiscriminate bombardments
targeting the civilian population, but went to the most dangerous and
most dangerous to blow up dozens of homes for a number of opponents
and those engaged in hostilities against them in the ranks of the
national army in the city of Taiz.
Rights reports, stated that more than 2000 houses and residential
buildings were completely destroyed in a number of residential
neighborhoods in the city, notably the revival of Da’wah, Asifra,
Jahlehiyah, Thabat, Al-Askar, Al-Kubb, Jumhouri and other
neighborhoods as a result of the artillery and rocket attacks.

Al-Dawa neighborhood, before the liberation of the national army
forces, subjected to heavy and intense shelling by armed militias and
violent confrontations that lasted for several months.
All this caused major destruction in about 80%, in addition to dozens
of dead and wounded civilians, including women and children.
A number of residents told “September Net” that the militia of
Saleh-Houthi criminal exploded a number of houses with improvised
explosive devices before withdrawing, while dozens of individual mines
are still plante.
On the return of the displaced, they said that, the circumstances are
not currently encouraging the return of families to the neighborhood
of Dawa
Despite the restoration of the national army, but the militias
destroyed hundreds of houses, left the mines and improvised explosive
devices, which still planted in the neighborhood.
Officials in the local authority for “September Net” that the battles
against the militias Saleh and Houthi coup in the neighborhood alone,
the destruction of more than 300 houses and most of the
They said that after the national army forces had taken the lead, the
militia had adopted a strategy of laying mines and explosive devices
on the streets and booby-trapped houses and buildings in an attempt to
stop the advance of the army.
This leads to the reconstruction plan to be implemented by the
legitimate government immediately after the end of the coup and the
restoration of the institutions of the legitimate state, and local
authorities are working hard to provide all the needs of the displaced
working with organizations working in this area.

“When I walk inside an abandoned house in the al-Da’wah neighborhood,
I do not even dare to approach a small pan,” said Hamdi al-Sufi, a
member of the National Army forces.
Al-Sufi, who took part in the liberation of al-Dawa neighborhood with
his battalion, said that the army warned residents to enter houses
only after contacting a military official, because “most of the houses
are not safe.”
He added that the removal and dismantling of mines and explosive
devices has been continuing since the liberation of the neighborhood,
to become re-habitable neighborhood and the lives and houses of
citizens are not at risk.
Observers and activists say that the large number of houses destroyed
in Taiz will prolong the period of displacement, as thousands of
people lost their homes, most notably Al-Dawa neighborhood of Thaabat,
Jahmiliyah, Al-Askari, Al-Kubb.

In the context, the activist Hanan Sabri, told “September Net” that
2000 houses and residential building at least destroyed, which means
the continued displacement of more than ten thousand families if we
assume that the average number of family members is only five people
in the event they all returned to their liberated areas.
“The coming days may see this number rise to more than twenty thousand
continue their displacement until a solution to the housing crisis
left by the militia , with the continuation of fighting in other
neighborhoods and villages still controlled by the militia.” She said.

In the coming days, the housing crisis in Taiz will escalate
dramatically due to the massive destruction of residential
neighborhoods, which means that thousands of people will continue to
be displaced indefinitely.
Many of the displaced returned to their neighborhoods after liberation
and found their homes destroyed, forcing them to flee again, in search
of shelter for their families.
With all these destruction left by the war machine of the militia in
Taiz remains the question of the fate of the thousands of displaced
who had to leave their homes, and go to other areas, to escape the
militias massacres of artillery shells and missiles.


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