Taiz: Dozens of Dead and Wounded among the Militia

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SeptemberNet- On Thursday the western front of the Taiz city witnessed
fierce battles between the national army forces and the militia coup,
resulted in dozens of dead and wounded among the militia, at a time
intensified air fighters belonging to the Arab alliance of raids
targeted the militias on the eastern front.

A spokesperson for the SeptmberNet in Taiz said that the soldiers of
the National Army fought on the western front fierce battles after
violent attacks carried out by the militias in Mount Han west of the

The battles were concentrated in the areas of Harran, the Bahabih, the
Behdani farms, the Altaba Moakanah, the Mudrajat and Wadi Hanash, and
various areas west of Mount Han, during which the army was able to
counter the attack of the militia and forced them to withdraw after
suffering heavy losses.

At the same time, violent confrontations broke out between the army
and the militia near the headquarters of the 35 Armored Brigade and in
the 50th Street in the west and Ghorab area north-west of the city
after an attempt to infiltrate the militia towards the Air Defense
Camp where the army is fortified.

The front of the Wadi Aldhabab also witnessed intermittent clashes in
the front line areas of the front concentrated near Jabal al-Menem and
in Taba al-Khalwa and the Sabahi, in addition to the areas east of
Jabal al-Man’im in al-Debh and al-Rawd.

In the context the front west of Taiz witnessed intermittent clashes
between the army forces and the militia, in the the Methbabi, Alnubie,
and Mount Aloued.
The clashes resulted in the deaths of more than 18 people, including
the field leader Muammar al-Harazi, who was killed in the Gharab area,
as well as dozens of wounded and the destruction of a combat car near
the paint factory in the Alrubiei.

In the course of the fighting, which was the result of mutual
artillery shelling between the forces of the army and the militia, the
Arab coalition launched two air raids targeted the positions and
gathering the militia in Jabal Gharab in Al-Wasa’iya district resulted
in the destruction of the number 23 and the killing of a number of
militia elements.
Meanwhile, the militia launched indiscriminate artillery fire targeted
residential areas west of the city.
The militiaing bombing was on the neighborhoods of Bir Pasha, Haseb,
Al-Nour Town, Gaza Street, Al-Habil neighborhood and Al-Thalatheen

On the eastern front of the city, the Arab coalition launched a series
of air raids targeted various locations and military compounds and
The air strike targeted the militia near the headquarters of Camp Mika
22 in Aljanad, while another targeted the militia in the northern side
of the Tabat Alsalal resulted in the destruction of B10 and the
killing of five militia members.
The air strike also targeted a military camp and a gathering of the
militia near the Special Security Forces Camp east of the city.

Parallel to that, the National Army artillery launched a violent
shelling at the concentration of the militia in the Tabat Al-Salal
overlooking the presidential palace resulted in burning a military


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