The National Army Controls Al-Solo District West of Taiz

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SeptemberNet: The National Army forces in the province of Taiz in the
south-west of the country, launched large-scale military operations
at dawn on Saturday, , which managed to free the entire Al- Salo from
the control of the coup militia.

The operation including the rural fronts in the east of Saber and the
front of the Salo district east of Taiz.

The National Army’s commander, Brigadier General Adnan al-Hammadi,
launched a large-scale military operation to liberate all the villages
of the Salo district, the villages east of Saber and the Masharakh,
adjacent to Damna Khadeer, east of Taiz.

Army forces seized large quantities of weapons and military
installations left by the militia before its elements fled.


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