Shabwa: Erupts Fighting in Asilan and YNA Artillery Shelling Causes Heavy Casualties to the Militias

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Fighting erupted in the front of Asilan district, in Shabwa province
on Saturday, between the forces of the National Army and the militia
coup, accompanied by artillery shelling targeting various sites of the

Military sources for “SeptemberNet” said that, violent clashes in the
western areas of the front of Assilan between the army forces of
Brigade 26 Infantry and militia.

In parallel, the National Army artillery fired heavy artillery shells
from positions stationed, on militia positions in the tribal areas,
the Valley of Flour and the horn of Sufa, causing heavy losses.

In addition to the siege imposed by the militia on the districts of
Bihan, Shabwah province, the militia carried out a campaign of mass
kidnappings targeting dozens of activists and opponents and deposited
in the prisons in Al-Bidha and Dhamar provinces.


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