Colonel Al-Raimi confirms the liberation of the Republic palace in Taiz

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The presidential palace east of the city of Taiz became fully in the hands of the national army forces after a fierce battle that lasted four hours, the leader of the presidential palace battle colonel Yahya Al-Raimi confirmed.

The forces of the National Army completed the process of cleansing the palace and restore it to the arms of the people, he said in a statement to SeptemberNet.

He praised the bravery shown by members of the national army in the second sector of the 22nd Mika Brigade, who performed the finest examples of challenge and fighting in order to restore the Republic palace.

“The battle was launched since the early hours of dawn on Monday and used the types of heavy and medium weapons, and culminated this battle with great victory,” he said.

The National Army is continuing to complete its task of liberating and purifying the province of Taiz completely from the militia, he stressed. Calling on the coup militia to bow to the will of the Yemeni people and hand over the remaining sites and areas in Taiz to the national army.


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