The chief of staff Major Al-Maqdashi congratulates the army in Taiz on the liberation of the presidential palace

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The Chief of Staff of the Army, Major General Mohammad Ali al-Maqdashi, held a telephone call yesterday evening to the leader of the Taiz axis, Major General Khalid Fadel.

Maj. Gen. al-Maqdashi congratulated the army inTaiz on the great victories that resulted in the liberation of the presidential palace, “the People’s Palace” of the remnants of the rebellion.

The commander of the axis, the chief of staff, Maj. Gen. al-Maqdashi briefed on the progress of military field developments achieved by the national army forces in different fronts of Taiz.

For his part, Taiz Commander Major General Fadel expressed his thanks to the Chief of Staff for his keenness and follow-up to the latest military developments and the victories achieved by the National Army in the face of the militia, promising more victories and the breaking of the forces of rebellion and victory for the will of the people.


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