Artillery shelling and intense air raids in Hajjah results in heavy losses to the militia

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SeptemberNet- The artillery of the National Army and the Arab coalition intensified their artillery strikes targeting the militia in several locations on the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, military sources told SeptemberNet.

The National Army forces, backed by Arab coalition forces, continue their operations on the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia and in the two border districts of Haradh and Medi in the northwestern Hajjah province.

The artillery was heavily targeted by the militia in a number of areas in the coastal Medi district.

The National Army forces also targeted the positions of the rebels in the Green Fields (Mazara Al-Khathra) east of Medi.

In parallel, intense coalition air raids launched a number of raids targeting the rebels in the areas linking the departments of Harad and Midi, accompanied by extensive combats carried out by the Apache fighters targeting the border areas to the city of Abes.

The nearby Haradh area also witnessed intensive air raids by Arab coalition fighters targeting several locations where the militia was based.

In Harad and Medi, at least dozens of dead and injured of militia were killed by artillery shelling and air raids, in addition to the destruction of a number of military vehicles, the sources said.


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