The militia in Shabwa responds to its defeats by destroying citizens homes

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The militias carried out the bombing of a citizen house in the city of Bihan “Mfqa” area, which destroyed the house completely and damaged a number of neighboring houses.

The policy of destroying houses, mosques, and headquarters of Yemeni political parties, that the militias have pursued against the militia political opponents since the beginning of its coup against the legitimate government.

This with the aim of changing the demographic through the displacement of the population of some areas to other are not under the control of militias, and to intimidate communities rejecting the coup and the sectarian project in Yemen.

On the other hand, today the artillery of the National Army shelled the positions of the militia in a front throughout the Tol Al-Sadah front, in Assilan district, Shabwa province, the sources said.

The artillery of the National Army bombed positions of the militia in Gul Snyid and Al-jhoof front in Tol Al-Sadah front, in Assilan district, at least three militia members were killed, and others inured the sources said.

Assilan Front in Shabwah province is witnessing continuous battles between the national army and the militias, through which the army has managed to control many strategic positions.


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