Al-Dhale 2 militant killed in the clashes with the army

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Septembernet- At least 2 members of the militia killed in violent clashes broke out with medium and heavy weapons with the members of the 30 armored brigade of the National Army on Saturday in the front of Hamak west of Al-Dhale province.

The clashes resulted in the death of two members of the militia and injured others in Arhab and Qutni hills, in Altharib area.

Meanwhile, a leader in the popular resistance in Al-Dhale province, on Saturday survived after an assassination attempt, In the Shadan region, military sources said to September net.

The leader of the resistance Captain Arafat Al-Halimi, was shot in the hand by gunmen, during an attempt to assassinate him failed, the sources said.

The leader of the dream, was then rescued to the hospital for treatment, while the gunmen fled, the sources added.

In the meantime, the military brigades in the province continue the process of paying the salaries of the affiliates, for the months of January and February of last year, which began a few days ago, amid tight security.


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