Commander of the 81rd Infantry, Sarwah Front, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Jaradi Our goal retakes the capital and the State.

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SeptemberNet- In a special statement to the SeptemberNet, commander of the 81rd Infantry, Sarwah Front, Brigadier General Mohammad Al-Jaradi: said, “The goal of the national army units, including the 81st Brigade, is to liberate Sana’a from the militias and retake the State”.

On the latest military developments in Sarwah front, the enemy is active, and there are reinforcements according to information, in a military unit of the Republican Guard and 200 members of Saada, Brigadier General Al-Jaradi said.

“We confirm that all the reinforcements pushed by the coupist militias to Sarawah have all suffered painful blows from the army artillery, which dealt with the target accurately and exhausted the enemy force”, Aljaradi stressed.

On the tasks of the 81nd Infantry Brigade, the brigade works with 4 battalions, and that its mission is to secure the heart in the front of the Sarawah, Brigadier General Al-Jaradi explained.

The 81st Brigade, with its high means and skills, is steadfast in the battles against the rebel militia, and that comes in its belief in the national project, legitimacy and the federal state. The work is underway not only in Sarawah, but on various fronts, Aljaradi added.

“The 81st brigade is not only deployed in the front of Sarawah,” said al-Jaradi. “We have the first battalion, for example, the largest one in terms of human cadres and its location is in a Nihm district” he said.

According to the commander of the brigade, the battalion participated in the Akatab battle, and had a big role in the control of Al-Katab hills and Sader Al-Aqran.The battalion is still participating in the heart of the front.

Two days ago there were three martyrs and five wounded and the role is still there. As for the mission of the all military units of the national army stationed in Nihm.

The goal of the 1st Battalion of the 81st Brigade is the same one of all the units and battalions of the national army deployed in Nihm district, Aljaradi said.

“We assure the political and national army leadership, that like other members of the national army on all fronts we are determined to move forward towards the requirements of the Yemeni people and to maintain national unity under the banner of federalism and the provinces state.

We also thank the countries of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia for their support of legitimacy in Yemen, Aljaradi concluded.


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