Dozens of dead and injured in the the militia and continuous bomb dropped in residential villages in Taiz

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SeptemberNet- On Monday, a fierce battle took place between the national army and the militia in the western and eastern fronts of the southwestern city of Taiz, where dozens of people were killed and wounded, military sources said.

It Coincided with the militia continued artillery shelling on the neighborhoods and villages of the city and its countryside.

The militia was continuing its desperate attempts to retake positions in the eastern part of the city that had been lost after the national army forces seized it in the past few days, september net correspondent in Taiz quoted the sources as saying.

The artillery of the national army artillery bombing on the sites stationed in the dome overlooking the palace backed by air strikes by Arab coalition air raids.

The western front also witnessed violent clashes between the national army forces and the militia, which focused on Al-Kadhah front.

During the previous two days, the national army forces managed to control several positions of the militia in the front of the Al-Kadhah and continue to advance to the area of Al-​​Rahba, the last stronghold.

On the level of bombing, the militia fired missiles on several neighborhoods of the city and residential villages in the countryside of Taiz.

The firing missiles focused on a number of eastern neighborhoods, as well as residential villages in Al-Makzazmah, Al-Mibhal and Hajar Al-Swaa, in Al-kadha area west of Taiz.


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