Al-Makdeshi meets scientists and praises their role in fighting extremism

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Septembernet- On Monday, the head of the General Staff, Major General Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi attended a meeting of judges, jurists, preachers and mentors was held at the Presidential Palace in Marib, organized by the Department of Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Defense and the Office of Endowments and Guidance in the province.

The head of the General Staff, stressed the importance of the role of jurists, preachers and guides in building society and unifying its ranks as they are ideological.

He pointed out the importance of their role in confronting rumors, suspicions and alien ideas on society and faith, whether are extremists or foreign entrepreneurs who want to strike the true Islamic faith of the Yemenis.

“We are fighting today in defense of the faith, dignity and the homeland, where the coupists came with the project of striking the faith and destroying the institutions of the state and the community.

They began to destroy the mosque and the role of the Koraan and family. They did not stop the displacement of citizens and the seizure of state institutions, weapons and money to build their project in the Iranian style.

The head of the General Staff expressed Yemen’s appreciation for the intervention of the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE from the first moment, resulted in the failure of the Persian project, which was aimed at the entire region.

The judges, jurists, preachers and mentors stressed the importance of the meeting at this extraordinary stage that the country is going through and requires the unification of the fronts and the rows in the face of the armed militia project and the restoration of the state.

They stressed the importance of activating state institutions in the liberated areas, especially the judicial institution as the guarantor and protector of rights and freedoms.


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