The national army continues advance in Sarawah west of Marib

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SeptemberNet- On Thursday night, amid advances by the national army in
Al-Makhdarah front.
Violent fighting broke out between the army forces and the militia
continued in Sarawah, west of Marib province, military sources told
correspondent in Sarwah.

The army forces is advancing towards Al-Manaqaz, omm Al-Sayyad and
Al-Sabihiah in Al-Makhdarah front after the restoration of Al-Hani
Morever, Al-Tabab, Bair Al-Araj and Safra, have been in violent
confrontations since Thursday morning.

On Thursday, the army’s engineering divisions destroyed hundreds of
mines planted by the militia in Al-Makhdarah, in order to impede the
advance of the army forces.

The militia is planting mines to prevent the advance of the national
army on the front lines.
According to international reports, the armed militia planted more
than 700 thousand mines in Yemen, causing thousands of civilians
killed and injured.


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