Dead and wounded of the militia in Haradh

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SeptemberNet- A number of the militia were killed and others injured in clashes broke out Thursday morning between the national army and the militia in the northwestern district of Haradh,in province of Hajjah.

The confrontations broke out in the front of the Haradh, sector 105th Infantry Division, following an attempted infiltration by the militia, and resulted in the deaths and injuries and the capture of two elements of the militia, a military sources told septemberNet.

The Media Center of the Fifth Military Region published two photographs of the two prisoners who were captured during the failed infiltration attempt.

Morever, the raids of the Arab coalition last night targeted the military mechanisms of the coup militia in the district of Medi.

The raids of coalition fighters destroyed two bullets of the militia north-west of the city of Midi and south-west of Qalaahiyah in the valley of Hiran,a military source confirmed.

The coup militia loses heavy casualties in Medi and Harad districts during the operations of the national army and arab coalition fighters.


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