Confrontations and mutual shelling on rural fronts southeast of Taiz

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SeptemberNet- The rural fronts south-east of Taiz have continued fighting between the national army and the Houthi-Saleh militias at a time when the city’s fronts are cautiously calm.

Violent clashes between the national army and the militia, which broke out in Al-Ahkoom area, septembernet correspondent reported.

The clashes erupted after an attempted infiltration by the militia on the positions of the national army forces at the same area.

Before the infiltration operation, the militia had brought large military reinforcements to the area.

Through the confrontations, the national army forces managed to counter the attempted coup by the militia elements and forced them to retreat and flee after they suffered a number of deaths and injuries in their ranks.

On Al-Salo front, south of the east of Taiz, septembernet correspondent quoted field sources as saying that the Katyusha rockets were fired by the militia from positions that were controled in a liquidated tanker in the town of Khadair, while indiscriminately shelling the populated villages almost daily.


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