Taiz..National Army keeps advancing in Kadaha,attacks Khalid Mil. Camp

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September Net-
National Army backed by Saudi-led Coalition on Tuesday continue its advancing in Kaddaha front of Ma’afr district in southwest Tazi province.
September correspondent in Taiz said that forces of National Army managed to retake control of al-Offayra village and Hoop-Rai area overlooking Kadaha souk after a large-scale offensive by NA on sites of coup militias. Their reinforcements west al-Kadaha and around Offayra village were also hit by airstrikes of Saudi-led coalition.

In Mocha district western Taiz, September correspondent citing field sources reported that NA forces carried out a concentrated assault on the western site of Khalid Mil. Camp.
Violent clashes broke out between two sides following the attack, and extended to nearby the western gate of the camp ,according to the same sources.


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