Airstrikes ,Intensive bombing on coup militias in Hajjah

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September Net-


The Saudi-led Coalition aircrafts launched several air raids on Wednesday on sites and gatherings belonging to coup militias in Harrad and Midi areas of Hajjah province northwest Yemen.

Local sources told “September Net” that airstrikes hit Houthi-Saleh militias in Aham area ,Zindani and Kads farms of Midi district while other raids on their gatherings in Malahaidh , old customs ,Bin Aziz complex areas of border district of Harrad.
Apaches of Saudi-led co. also targeted movements of insurgents in the areas between Harrad and Midi districts as National army launched intensive artillery shelling on scattered sites of militias between Abbs and Midi districts as well ,according to the sources.


Houthi-Saleh militias inflected heavy casualties and losses in their ranks as a result of artillery bombing and coalition airstrikes.


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