Coalition for Legitimacy Support: Al-Mukha port targeted by a booby-trapped boat with explosives

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The leadership of the Arab coalition for the Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced on Saturday that the coup militia targeted the port of Mukha with a booby-trapped boat without causing casualties.

In a statement issued by the coalition command said the Houthi militias targeted at dawn today the port of the Yemeni Mukha by a booby-trapped boat with explosives, where the boat collided with the marine pier near a group of ships, causing an explosion, there were no casualties, according to the statement.

The coalition leadership is still conducting a thorough follow-up to the incident and tracking its perpetrators.

The coalition leadership stressed that the coup militia continues to violate all international norms and resolutions and practices targeting the security of Yemeni ports, the threat of international navigation and regional and global security.

In addition, its criminal acts impede the access of Yemeni medicines and food.

The coalition statement called on the international community to pressure the coup militia to implement UN Security Council Resolutions 2216 to prevent such criminal practices.



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