NA exchanges number of prisoners with militia in al-Jawf

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September Net.

National Army Forces have exchanged with the militia a number of prisoners on Sunday, in al-Jawf governorate.

“The exchange was made for four prisoners from both sides,” officer of prisoners and detainees case in the Sixth Military Region, Colonel Yahya Al-Hasser told September Net.

Al-Hasser added that this operation comes as part of the ongoing efforts made by 6th Mil. Region to release the prisoners and detainees arrested by the militia because of its sense of and moral responsibility towards its heroes and their families, pointing out that this operation was the fifth of its kind between the NA and the coup militia.

Moreover, released soldiers of NA are Abdulrahman Mohamed Al-daifi, Mussi Alfakeh, while militants are Thabet Alzidi and Ali bin Ali Rabie, according to Al-Hasser.



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