26th Infantry Brig. in Shabwa celebrates first Demining Patch

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September Net-

The command of 26th Infantry Brigade held a technical and rhetorical event on the occasion of graduating first graduation in Demining under the patronage of the commander of 26th Brigade, Gen. Major Mufarih Buhaibeh, and with presence of Representatives of the Arab coalition in Baihan Front.

Gen. Buhaibeh stressed the significance of such courses for National Army Personnel, encouraging to carry out courses in Demining to secure the lives of people from its danger , which Houthi-Saleh militias planted in various roads.

He added that landmines of militias are discovered every day in multiple ways , citing 3 thousands mines has been removed from the HQ of 26th Brigade before the NA flush the coupists out .

For their part, graduated expressed thanks and appreciation to their leadership for paying attention to this issue, vowing to remain awakened and loyal to save innocent , and doing their national and religious duties with the coup militias day and night till homeland is devoid from those backwards .

Similarly, Students said that attending this course would not stop them continuing to liberate the lands and recapture it from coup militias, as well as they would demine what is being planted on the roads of human and animals by rebels.

It’s mentioned that the Training Center for Demining is the first NA center for removing landmines , and belongs to the 26th Brigade.The course was attended by 20 trainees , 15 were honored.
However, the second course will be launched soon .



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