At least 9 militias killed in battles west of Taiz

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“September Net”

The National Army forces regained on Monday Central mountain in the area of ​​Arish, overlooking the center of the district western Taiz province, after fierce battles with the coup militia .

A field source confirmed that the army launched an attack on Central mountain in Arish followed hours of non-stop battles ,killing 9 militias and others injured.


In the meantime, the army controlled Al-Central mountain, after liberated the whole area from the coup elements.

With this progress, the full control of Mozza district has become a matter of time, depends in the density of landmines planted by the militia in the area.

This progress comes at a time when National army forces continue advances in the western coast, where the militia still stationed in Waziea and Alawazip west of Taiz.




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