Scores of militias including three leaders killed, injured in Sa’ada

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September Net-

Number of Houthi-Saleh militias including three snipers killed Thursday when the National Army artillery shelled their sites in Sada’a, while three others field leaders were killed in the day before.

The National Army forces in Alboq Axis staged heavy artillery shelling on the sites of th coupists in Ala’atfain area , field sources told September Net.

The sources added that shelling and gunfire of NA on militias’ positions resulted in number of deaths, three were snipers .

The coalition fighter jets have also targeted military reinforcements stored at Ala’atfain area in al-Buqa market .

” Tens of dead and wounded of militias arrived at al-Salam Hospital in Sada’a in the past two days , after fierce clashes with NA forces , ” informed sources at the hospital told September Net.

In related context, the National Army repulsed the rebels militants’ attack on its sites in Halika’ area, and violent clashes broke out following the attack , where militias forced to flee backward leaving dead and weapons behind.



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