Coalition shoots down Ballistic missile, destroys trapped- boat in Mocha

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September Net-
The Arab Coalition Air Defence Forces intercepted a ballistic missile launched by Houth-Saleh militias on Saturday toward Mocha city , as well as destroyed a trapped- boat off coastal port ,west of Taiz.

A military source told September Net that coup militias positioned in al-khokha area of Hodeidah governorate, fired the missile toward coastal city of Mocha before it was blew up on the sky by the Air Defence rockets , leaving no causalities.

In same context , another military sources have stated Arab coalition bombed Saturday suicide-boat directed to hit Port of Mocha west Taiz city .

The sources added that the boat was far remote-controlled by militias directed to attack warships of Arab Coalition who destroyed it before arrival.

This attack is the second of its kind within two weeks, as of the end of July , Houthi-Saleh coup insurgents targeted the port with explosive-laden boat hit the pier leaving no causalities, according to then statement by Coalition.



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