Investigation Committee issues its third report of human rights violations

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September Net-
The National Committee for Investigating into Alleged Human Rights Abuses has reported the occurrence of 7,817 violations in the country from September 2016 to June 2017.

In its third report launched in a press conference this Tuesday in Aden, the committee said it had wrapped up investigations into 4,101 abuse allegations, 2,082 cases were civilian killings and 2,019 cases were civilian injuries.

The committee reported 176 alleged cases of child soldier recruitments; 362 alleged cases of planting anti-personnel landmines that incurred 138 deaths and 224 injuries; 16 cases of inflicted damage on historical properties and attacks on ambulances and health facilities; 732 cases of forcible disappearance; and 384 alleged cases of house detonations.

The committee also reported 16 cases of violations by US drone strikes.

The committee chairman Qaher Mustafa said during the conference that the Report includes the steps his committee took during the monitoring and investigation into the abuse allegations.

He said that the political and security challenges posed by the continuity of the war galvanized the committee into investigation the largest possible number of abuses.


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