NA continues tightening its blockade on militia in Midi city

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September Net.


The National Army Forces have been laying a siege on Houthi-Saleh militants in Midi city of Hajjah province since few days, paving the way for liberation of entire city .

NA kicked off a military operation against the coupisits in Midi and managed to impose a tightening blockade on them, and cut off all their supply routes to city .

Since then , militia attempts desperately to left the siege.

September Net correspondent quoted field sources in 5th Military Region saying NA forces repulsed on Wednesday attempt by rebels to break the blockade.

The coup elements inflected heavy casualties due to the desperate attempt, the sources added.


Strategically, liberation of entire Midi means the rebels insurgents would loss one of the key areas of west coastal , amid preparation and readiness of National Army to regain Hodeidah governorate.




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