Coup militias suffer heavy losses in Taiz

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September Net.

Violent battles renewed on Saturday between the National Army Forces and Houthi-Saleh militias in Muzza district of Taiz governorate, September Net correspondent quoted military sources.

“The fighting sparkled after the militias’ attack on NA’s sites in al-Hamely area, but the NA forces thwarted the attack and pushed rebels back, inflicting them significant losses of life and equipment”, the sources added.

Simultaneously, the Arab Coalition warplanes bombed sites of militias and their reinforcements in the said areas, killing seven and wounding 17 others, the sources confirmed.

Moreover, clashes in the west front of Taiz also continued on Saturday following rebels attempt to sneak into sites of NA. The attempt was warded off and attackers kicked back by NA heroes.

Meanwhile, Houthi-Saleh insurgents continue to shell number of villages in Maqbanah district indiscriminately, leaving citizens terrorized and frightened indoors.



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