Coalition airstrikes kill nearly 40 coup militias in Sanaa

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September Net.
Nearly 40 coup militia were killed and many others injured in heavy airstrikes by Saudi-led Coalition jets on their sites and checkpoints in Arhab district east of the capital Sanaa,local sources said on Wednesday.
September Net correspondent quoted local sources saying that 2 air raids by Arab Coalition ,in the early hours of Wednesday, targeted a checkpoint and gathering of the rebels in a local hotel in the district of Arahb ,leaving around 40 dead and others injured.
Simultaneously, several air strikes hit a number of positions controlled by the coupists in Ayah roundabout , al-Dailami Airbase,Sadiq hill, Asr and al-Subaha camps in the capital Sanaa.
Raymat Humaid camp in Sanhan district and camps of Sarif and Khashm-Bakra in Bani al-Harith suburbs of the capital,which under the control of the insurgents, were also bombed by the coalition fighters ,killing and wounding dozens of them.


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