PM affirms govt’s commitment to retake Sana’a back from militias

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September Net.

Prime Minister Ahmed O. bin-Daghr has affirmed the government’s commitment to retake the capital Sana’a from the Saleh-Houthi coup militias.

Premier bin-Daghr made this affirmation during a meeting today with the Mayor of Sana’a Abdulghani Jameel to discuss efforts exerted for supporting the army and the resistance forces’ battles in defense of the nation and its national consensus; the outcomes of the National Dialogue.

The premier said: “The advances – achieved by the national army and resistance forces in all warfronts with backing from the Saudi-led Arab coalition and effective participation from the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and other coalition countries – have weakened the enemy and we have become close to achieving an imminent victory.”

“The suffering of the people of Sana’a city and other Yemeni provinces is the result of the coup militias’ immoral policy of killing, looting and harnessing the public resources for financing their war,” he said.

“The government is seeking through the UN to press the militias into sending the revenues under their control to the Central of Yemen in Aden so that the government can meet its (financial) obligations toward the whole people.”



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