Gen. Jubran denies UAE’s suspension of aid to 3rd Mil. Zone

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September Net.
Commander of the Third Military Zone, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Hassan Jubran has denied spreading news that UAE has halted its logistical support to the Region, particularly Serwah Front.

“Such news is a fake and malicious rumors”, Jubran stated to September Net.

The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE are committed to continue their struggle to restore Legitimacy led by President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi, as well as to liberate whole Yemeni lands from the coup militias,he added.

The Brig. General emphasized that what those news websites had propagated is untrue, noting it had aimed only to create strife between Coalition and the National Army, which is impossible to occur.

He urged the mass media to remain credible when reporting, and to follow up news from its official sources.



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