PM meets Arab Coalition commanders in Aden

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September Net.
Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghr has met commanders of the Arab Coalition forces in Al-Maasheeq presidential palace in the temporary capital Aden on Saturday.

Bin-Daghr met Brig. Ahmed Abu-Majed, Brig. Sultan bin Islam, Ibrahim Al-Noaymi, Hisham Al-Mubarak and a number of officers.

The premier exchanged with them good wishes on the occasion of Eid al-Adhaha festivity and discussed the situation in the liberated areas and the efforts to liberate the rest of the country from the Saleh-Houthi coup militias.

He spoke highly of the great role played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in defending Yemen and its state institutions against the barbaric rebellion of the Saleh-Houthi militias waged in defiance of the national consensus and UN resolutions.

He said that the Decisive Storm operation will mark a turning-point in the history of the Arab nation, as a breaker of the Iranian expansion in the region.

Yemenis will remember with all gratitude this Arabian rush to its rescue, he said.

The premier recalled the magnitude of the misery that the coup d’état befell Yemen with; destruction of the infrastructure and social fabric. He drew attention to the government’s struggle to supply basic services and pay public salaries in spite of the hardships.

“Maintaining payment of salaries to security, military and civil servicemen on a regular basis ensures more stability in people’s lives and makes the environment more repelling to extremism, among the breeders of which is poverty,” he said.

The commander of the Coalition forces Abu-Majed gave an account on the progress of military operations and future plans.

The commanders coalition affirmed their support to Yemen to fight terrorism and maintain the government-held areas in peace and stability.


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