Government says al-Qerbi lost his compass as a politician

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September Net.
An official source in the government has expressed his surprise at the falsifications of Abu Bakr al-Qerbi,a member of the rebels’ negotiation team, in his statements to the BBC TV about the UNSC’s resolutions on Yemen.

Al-Qerbi told the BBC the rebels handover of cities and weapons can come only through an executive mechanism. A government source told Saba that “the executive mechanism whichal-Qerbi is asking for has already been presented by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, IsmaiilOuldCheikh Ahmed during the Kuwait negotiation’s”but the rebels refused it.

“The UNSC resolution 2216 concerning the Houthi coup d’état against the state is clear and needs no interpretations,” said the source.

“It (the resolution) calls for the coup militias’ immediate withdrawal from all areas they controlled including the capital Sana’a and for an unconditional handover of weapons, immediate release of detainees and abidance by the GCC Initiative, the National Dialogue Outcomes and the UNSC resolutions of relevance.”

The source noted that the ongoing alliance between the Houthis and ousted president Saleh provided a political and military cover for the coup and has been serving as a cover-up for the Houthi militias’ crimes against the Yemeni people including members of GPC party itself.

The source said “the ongoing disputes inside the coup alliance now is about each one’s share of the cake, not driven by the interests of the Yemeni people.”.

The source said the al-Qerbi has lost his political compass when naming the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh as a president. “Ali Abdullah Saleh’s era is gone. The defining decision is now at the hands of the Yemeni people,” the source said.



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