Al-Jawf…8 militias killed, others injured in battles with NA

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September Net.
Violent battles broke out on Monday between National Army (NA) forces and coup militias in several fronts of al-Jawf province, resulted in a number of deaths and injuries in the ranks of militias.

Military source told September Net that eight militants killed in infiltration attempt into NA’s sites of Al-Khanger and Abraq Al-Athb.

The source added that militias were beaten and enforced to flee leaving its dead bodies, which were brought by NA into the refrigerator of Marib General Hospital Authority.

Spokesperson for the 6th Military Region Colonel Abdullah Al-Ashraf stated that coup militias suffered heavy losses in life and equipment after heavy battles with NA in Al-Saqiah front western al-Jawf province.

In the same context, NA forces launched heavy artillery shelling on the sites of coup militias in Al-Ghorfah area.



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