PM receives Arab Coalition commanders in Aden

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September Net.
Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghr has met in Al-Maasheeq presidential palace in Aden the commander of the Arab Coalition Forces in Yemen Brig. Ahmed Abu Majed, the commander of the Saudi Forces Brig. Abdulaziz Islam as well as the commanders of the Bahraini and Sudanese forces.

Senior Yemeni state officials, military and civilian, also attended the meeting.

Bin-Daghr said: “Thank God, we are today in control over 85% of the land and we are proceeding toward the greater victory. That would not happen if not God”s grace and the Decisive Storm operation led by Saudi Arabia and with effective strong participation from the UAE.”

“Yes, Iran’s agenda has failed in the Arabian world; their (Iranians’) dreams of controlling Yemen and the international shipping lanes have been dashed.”

Bin-Daghr thanked the countries of his guests and Egypt as well for standing by Yemen’s side against “the most dangerous agenda that attempted on Yemen and its unity and social fabric.”

The premier called on the Yemeni tribes to rise up against the Saleh-Houthi militias, saying the breakthrough has become imminent.

The premier thanked these countries in helping Yemen fight rebellion and terrorist organizations and also for helping with humanitarian relief aid.

The meeting addressed the topics of forming a united vision against terrorism and establishing law and order in the areas under the government’s control.


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