Fatah calls on UNICEF to expose militias’ relief aid abuse

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September Net.
The Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Relief Aid Abduraqeeb Fatah has called on the UNICEF to assume its responsibility in condemning the Saleh-Houthi militias’ extortion of money on cash transfers to the destitute in Al-Mahweet, one of the north Yemen provinces under the militias’ control.

In a statement to Saba, Fatah called on all UN organizations “to take measures for ensuring that aids and assistances reach their intended recipients” and to name and expose ,internationally, the party that impedes relief work.

“The humanitarian situation has become too complicated in the provinces under the militias’ control because of their persistent abuse of humanitarian and relief aid works,” Fatah said.

He said that the militias committed 111 violations against the people of Al-Mahweetin one month. Among the violations is “the extortion of money amounts on merchants, including, by the creation of new customs ports to levy unlawful amounts.” “Such violations occurred in a number of provinces under the militias’ control.”

Fatah warned that the international “silence for these crimes worsens the lives of the people and further complicates their humanitarian situation.”


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