Saleh-Houthi militias killed 68 civilians in August, HRITC reports

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September Net.
The Saleh-Houthi coup militias killed 68 civilians in Taiz last August, the Human Rights Informationand Training Center (HRITC) said in a newly released report.

The report said “The Saleh-Houthi militias killed 68 civilians including 13 children and six women and injured 34 others including 11 children and five women.”

The HRITC said it documented “the direct shooting of three civilians by one of the militias’ snipers.”

“Seven other civilians were assassinated by unknown militiamen. While one civilian was abducted and tortured to death.”

The HRITC said, “18 other civilians were killed during the militias’ shelling of the city’s neighborhoods with heavy weaponry.”

TheHRITC also documented serial assassinations of persons retuened to normal civilian life after abandoning their careers as resistance fighters against the militias.

The HRITC reported “an increase in landmine planting by the militias in the parts of Taiz they control, such as Madarat area, to the west of the city.


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