VP: military advancing will continue until regaining Sana’a from militias

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Vice President Ali Mohsen has confirmed that Houthi-Saleh’s stubbornness made the military choice a necessity.

“The Legitimacy is with a peace in which the militias have no control on the state’s capabilities and weapons and with a peace when the militias transfer into a political party and participate in political process peacefully without terrifying citizens by the force of weapons,” said Mohsen in statements to Al Quds Al Arabi Newspaper.

He made it clear that the rebel militias (Houthi-Saleh’s militias) want a sort of peace that enables them to keep their weapons and continuous control of areas under their held.

Regarding military solution choice, he said the military pressure ” will continue until regaining Sana’a through advancing towards its geographical belt and pressing (them) for handing over the capital.”

On the UN envoy’s recent plan on handing over Hodeida Port to a third party for avoiding war, he said the rebels rejected the plan and left only the military choice before the government and the Arab Coalition. But he excluded that they will deal with any other reasonable choice for avoiding bloodshed and destruction.

Talking about rebels’ capabilities and prolonged war, he said Houthis depend on what they looted from the Central Bank of Yemen which estimated at USD 10 billion of fund reserve and pensions.

He added that weapon trafficking is continuing and the Arab Coalition and the international forces existing in the international and regional waters always seize ships loaded with weapons coming from Iran to Houthis to prolong the war in Yemen.
He called for supporting the legitimate president for combating the coup, reminding of contradictions between political parties that brought Houthis from Sa’ada to Sana’a and then taking control of the army to expand to Aden, Taiz, Hodeida and other provinces.

“Such contradictions have risen today between the two parties of the rebellion (Saleh and Houthis) because the alliance between the two parties aimed at political interests not for the sake of the homeland,” he said.

On these contradictions, Vice President Ali Mohsen was asked by Al Quds Al Arabi on the possibility of opening communication with Saleh for separating from Houthis and he confirmed “any communication with any rebel party should only be coordinated between the Yemeni legitimate authority and brothers in the Arab Coalition under the leadership of the Saudi Arabia.”

He confirmed that the differences between the two parties are deep and those who attended Saleh’s celebration of establishing his party “aimed at rejection the existence of Houthi militia in the city (Sana’a) and for expressing desire of getting rid of these militias.”

“Youth who participated in the Youth Revolution in 2011 were among those who attended at Assabieen (where Saleh’s celebration was held) after they have become aware that Houthis destroyed the project of the state the youth have dreamed of,” said Mohsen.

On reasons of delaying President Hadi’s return to the transitional capital Aden, he said security reasons are behind the delay and that the president will return to the country soon in the future.

Answering a question on demands of the southern movement of separation, he said “neither unity nor separation are realized by force,” confirming that the federal choice represents a reasonable way out for Yemenis to protect their country against dangers of split.


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