Violent clashes erupt between NA and militia western Taiz

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“September Net”
Fierce battles broke out Sunday between the National Army (NA)and the  the coup militia in Hathran front western of  Taiz province.

Military sources told “September Net” that four coup militias were killed and others wounded by NA forces after an infiltration attempt into their positions in ​​al-Saiyahi area,forcing rebels to flee.

In the same context, NA managed to foil another failed attempt by the coupists to sneak into its sites around Han Mountain and made them retreat.

In the meantime, NA conducted offensive artillery shelling targeted  the positions of the militias in Hathran and  al-Rawd district.

On the other side, the district of Jabal Habashi southwest of Taiz, witnessed violent clashes between NA forces and militias which concentrated in the vicinity of Al-Khader, Sharaf al-Aynin, Shamsan hilltop and Mulya villages .
No report about casualties during the battles.


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