Chief of Staff inspects Mil. training camps, Brigades in Serwah

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September Net.

Chief of Staff Maj. Gen.  Taher al-Aqeeli has inspected military training camps and a number of Brigades in Serwah district eastern the capital Sana’a.

During his inspection visit, Maj. Gen. al-Aqeeli was acquainted with the process of training in the military camps of al-Estekbal , al-Nasr, and al-Fateh and was briefed on the training programs, which he ordered to be intensified to ensure effective and fruitful outcomes.

On the level of increased  recruitment, he said ” it is a clear evidence that Yemenis have faith and trust now that ending Houthi-Saleh coup d’état would be only by force”.

“National armed forces would spare no efforts in protecting national principles, primarily the Republican system, nor would allow to back to the period before the 26th glorified revolution that we are commemorating its 55th anniversary nowadays” ,he emphasized.

Separately on the same day, Chief of Staff has also visited 3rd Naval Infantry Brigade, and noted that “building the national army in its all institutions is ongoing and it will not be stopped by any obstacles”.

The Maj. General visited as well 103rd Inf. Brigade where he was updated on the military training.

Al-Aqeeli finalized his tour with a visit to the 203rd Mech. Brigade, praising the great sacrifices and victories achieved by the soldiers of the brigade.



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