Hajjah. .Navy forces dismantle mines- network off Midi coasts

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September Net.

The Naval forces of National Army have dismantled on Sunday a network of naval mines that was planted by the Houthi-Saleh militias off the coastal city of Midi in Hajjah Province.

Military source told September Net that “a naval patrol belongs to the national navy was in  reconnaissance manged to identify the mines network about 10 nautical miles in the direction toward Ghurab Island off the Sea”.

The National Army engineers for demining could destroy some of those naval mines, and pulled out two others then blew them up in of the nearing Islands, the source added.

” Later, the rest of the mines would be taken out of the sea by the engineers and be destroyed”.

Earlier this month, the National navy forces had  foiled the rebels’ infiltration by a boat carrying on board engineers planning to plant naval mines off coastal Midi before bombing it, killing it’s five crew.



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