State comeback opens space for civil and political activity, VP says

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September Net.
The Vice President has said that, “the comeback of the state and the procession of the Yemenis toward building the federal state they agreed on in the National Dialogue Conference opens space for civil and political activity, whereas the continuity of the coup d’état puts democracy in its entirety at stake.”

Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh made the remarks in a meeting with the representatives of all Yemen’s political parties in Marib on Sunday.

The Vice President hailed the parties’ rejection of the Saleh-Houthi coup d’état. He also hailed the parties for raising the popular awareness and for standing up against the militias as they seekto eliminatepluralism and participatory politics from the life of Yemenis forever and taking Yemen back to the pre-26 September 18962 era.

The representatives of the parties affirmed their support to the state against the coup, being the option that ends the coup and its associated humanitarian misery.


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