Chief of Staff signs salaries’ checks of March

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Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Taher-AL-Aqeeli has held a meeting on Tuesday with the heads of Finance Department of National Army Forces.

During the meeting, Gen. Al-aqeeli discussed with the heads Finance Department of Defense Ministry the process of payment that was approved to guarantee the payment of NA’s salaries.

He said that the paying of the salaries must be promptly after the checks had signed today…

chief of staff had tasked the General Inspector Maj.Gen Adel al-Qumiri to supervise the process of delivering salaries of the Armed Forces.

“the dues of the national troops in the warfronts must be paid initially”, he stressed.

Maj.Gen Al-aqeeli recognized the necessity of controlling the payment process, emphasizing that those who might be tempted to manipulate salaries of soldiers and found guilty, will face justice.



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