NA controls fresh positions in Sada’a

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The National Army forces have achieved Tuesday a ground advance retaking a number of positions from Houthi-Saleh militias in Buqa Military Axis of northern Sada’a province.

Military sources told September Net that the army troops backed by Arab coalition fighters had waged Monday morning a quality offensive operation targeted the militia sites in Buqa, and have successfully regained control over Red Hill and several other sites following fierce battles eastern the province.

Simultaneously, the Arab coalition fighter jets, Reconnaissance and Apaches had took part in the operation launching tens of air raids that pounded the coupists’ locations and crowds, the sources added.

The Houthi-Saleh putschists lost dozens of killed and injured in their ranks, suffered three military machines destroyed and forced to retreat backward.

Meantime, the Commander of Joint Operations, Brig. Gen. Mohamed al-Marzooki had visited Tuesday the liberated areas in the district.



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